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These spicy severed finger hot dogs are so gross and yet so fun all at the same time! If you’re having a Halloween party, you have to make these as they are so simple and they will be a huge hit with your friends and family! They also make a great snack for the kids before heading out for an evening of trick-or-treating. Adding our Stargazer hot sauce brings them to a new terrifying level of deliciousness!


10 hot dogs (traditional, turkey or veggie)
Hot Dog buns
Ketchup for blood effect


Carve your hot dogs before you cook them. Carve out a nail, then lines where the finger joints are, peel off the top layer.

Brush Pepper North Stargazer hot sauce on the carved nails.

Grill them in the oven for 20 min. 

Serve hot dogs on buns. Add ketchup on the severed side of the hot dog to create a bloody effect.

...and ENJOY!

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