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Model: PNNL2694
VERDE STYLE WITH ROASTED PEPPERSHEAT INDEX: MILD (2/10)SCOVILLE RATING: 3510Pepper North treks deep into the Canadian Arctic in search of the ever-elusive and awe-inspiring Northern Lights. For thousands of years and throughout hundreds of cultures there have been many myths and mysteries surroundin..
Model: PNSF2700
SMOKED PINEAPPLE WITH HABANERO PEPPERSHEAT INDEX: MEDIUM (4/10)SCOVILLE RATING: 4000Pepper North travels south to bring you Solar Flare hot sauce. The most powerful solar flare ever measured occurred on September 1st, 1859. Auroras from the flare were visible around the world causing many telegraph ..
Model: PNNJ2724
ORIGINAL RECIPE WITH GHOST PEPPERSHEAT INDEX: HOT (5/10)SCOVILLE RATING: 35,000Pepper North focuses on flavour to bring you No Joke hot sauce. In ancient mythology, the hyena was portrayed as a solar animal that first brought the sun to warm the cold earth. We harness the extreme heat of the ghost p..
Model: PNBP2717
BLUEBERRY WITH SCORPION PEPPERSHEAT INDEX: EXTRA HOT (7/10)SCOVILLE RATING: 61,700Pepper North uses only the finest local ingredients to bring you Blueberry Plague hot sauce. During the Black Death pandemic of the 14th century, medicine men were known to travel the Silk Road using hot peppers stuffe..
Model: PNMM2731
BLACK CHERRY WITH REAPER PEPPERSHEAT INDEX: EXTRA HOT (8/10)SCOVILLE RATING: 66,500Pepper North focuses on flavour and extreme heat to bring you Momento de Muerte hot sauce. The term memento mori originated in ancient Rome and has long served as a reminder of mortality urging people to live their li..
Model: PNSG2786
ULTRA-HOT SRIRACHA STYLEFEATURED AS THE #7 SAUCE ON SEASON 11 OF HOT ONESWATCH ALL EPISODES OF HOT ONES FEATURING STARGAZER HERE!HEAT INDEX: ULTRA HOT (9/10)SCOVILLE RATING: 182,000Pepper North cranks up the heat index with their multi-award winning Stargazer hot sauce. Renowned across the globe for..
Model: PNOGB2779
Pepper North Artisan Foods Original 3-Pack hot sauce gift set is made entirely in Canada using only the finest locally-sourced ingredients and Ontario-grown peppers. This package contains full sized bottles of our 3 mild, medium & hot award-winning sauces and makes a great gift for any occasion...
Model: PNXHGB2762
Pepper North Artisan Foods Extra Hot 3-Pack gift set is made entirely in Canada using only the finest locally-sourced ingredients and Ontario-grown peppers. This package contains full-sized bottles of our 3 hottest award-winning sauces and makes a great gift for any occasion.Included are:1 x Bl..
Model: PNSJ2748
WILDFLOWER HONEY INFUSED WITH CHILESHEAT INDEX: MEDIUM (4/10)Pepper North brings back a product from their past with Straitjacket hot honey. While excavating ancient Egyptian tombs, archaeologists have found pots of honey thousands of years old, an unmistakable testament to the eternal shelf life of..
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