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Our Core Values

Supporting our community by partnering with local farmers:

As a local artisan fiery foods producer, making sure we are selective with every partner who supplies us with ingredients is one of the key factors in our company’s success. Every partner is thoroughly vetted to make sure they meet our excellence criteria. Our network of GAP certified Ontario farmers are some of the best in the business.

Ontario-grown hot peppers...



Using only the highest quality ingredients in every batch:
Every single ingredient whether it be tomatoes, blueberries, maple syrup, and the peppers themselves are quality inspected prior to every batch. With a hands-on approach during production, we ensure that every bottle that is packaged meets our customer excellence criteria.

Locally sourced wild blueberries, black cherries, apples, maple syrup, honey and garlic...



Our commitment to customer satisfaction is our top priority:

We are not your average hot sauce. Throughout thousands of samplings we have refined our recipes to include various flavor combinations and heat levels to suit all tastes.

Integrity and transparency in every transaction:

We are constantly improving our processes in terms of logistics, distribution and our goal of reaching as many fiery food lovers in Canada as possible. Also, keeping the lines of communication open with every partner ensures that the end result will always be 100% satisfied customers.

Creativity and innovation to satisfy every palate:

Through the past several years our product line of fiery sauces has grown from hot to super-hot sauces to now including mild and medium as well. We are not just a hot sauce company, but a fiery foods company that is constantly experimenting with unique flavor combinations and searching for the perfect peppers that would make a key ingredient in every sauce.


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